How do I use macros with Titler Live Broadcast?

To get macros going in Tricaster to control Titler Live, you author them in the Tricaster interface, with our commands.

We have information on using macros in the following help article, near the bottom of the page:

In Short:

  1. Access the Macro Configuration Editor in Tricaster by going to the menu Macros. 
  2. Hit the "Add" Macro button, name your macro, and then click the Edit button to get into it. 
  3. For the column "Shortcut", put in the same channel your Titler Live stream is coming into by by typing "net" and then the number. For example, if your stream is coming into "Input1", then write "net1". 
  4. For the column "Value" put in "newblue" 
  5. For the column "Key" put in one of our ACTIONS found on the attached PDF 
  6. For the column "Value" put in one of our DESIGNATORS found on the attached PDF

Download a PDF of our macro commands with some examples here:

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