Attributes Panel

In the Attributes Panel, you can customize templates for your broadcast. Each template will have different editable variables including Colors, Pictures, Gradients, and text.

These variables are created at the design stage and can be enabled or disabled in the Title Designer.

Max duration dictates the length of time that a title will be played for. Each graphic has a predetermined length that can be edited by entering values in the Max Duration time field.

Checking the "No Limit" check box will make the graphic play and remain on screen for an infinite amount of time until a user manually plays it out.

Some templates have audio tracks that are triggered with the graphic. You can must these by clicking on the Mute check box. OvrStream supports .WAV audio files and can be added when designing templates in the Title Designer.

You can also set an input behavior to a graphic. Input behaviors allow you to automate the playback of titles when data is received from an input or service.

Selecting an Input Behavior will prompt you to log in with your credentials.

Once you are connected, the input's icon will go from greyscale to full color to indicate OvrStream is receiving data.


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