Managing Your License

Migrating Account

Each license of your product only allows a single user to use a product.

However, a user can deactivate a product's license and use it on another computer.

To do this, you must sign out of your account from the App Manager and Deactivate your account as shown below.


You can open the NewBlueFX App Manager by going to your Applications folder in Mac or your Program Files folder in Windows.

Please note that deactivating will deactivate all of your NewBlue Products. They will not be fully usable until you activate them again by signing in to your account.

If you experience any issues with your account, please File a Help Ticket and we will contact you promptly.

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  • I can only find a log script. I can't seem to find the actual app and I'm looking for the latest update. Any suggestions/help?

  • Hey, when I brought Vegas Movie Studio 14 Platinum, NewBlueFX Platinum Complete, NewBlueFX Platinum Complete, and NewBlueFX Filters 5 Recreate came with it, but I keep getting it not recognizing I've activated my Vegas Movie Studio 14 Platinum and it keeps telling me to buy it. It says I'm in trail mode, but Vegas recognizes I've activated my product. NewBlueFX hasn't. UPDATE: I've found the issue. I gave the name Vegas Movie Studio Platinum, but was actually NewBlueFX Platinum. I kept putting the serial number for the former instead of the later. I hope that wording gets fixed or something. It's confusing.

  • Hi Shamica, sorry for the confusion. We will be happy to look into the issue but we will need some details such as screenshots and the serial numbers you've been provided. I have created a support ticket and one of our representatives will reach out to you shortly.

  • Hi,honestly it is very confusing with FX manager. I bought Movie Studion 14 platinum but now doesn't appear in the manager anymore. I might be signed out in some moment,but how to get it back? I cannot activate Titler Live Epress! it is in manager but says it cannot upload, NewBlueFX Platinum Complete which goes together with byuing Movie Studion I can only download,but not open or activate or it doesn't appear in my FX mager..why is it such a complicated and unintuitive?? :((( Really it spoiling my time and instead enjoying the product it makes me upset

  • Hi. i have a similar problem to the above. I've just bought Movie Studio 14 Platinum with the NewBlueFX added software. However on the App Manager it is telling me that I only have Vegas in trial mode. It asks for the serial number but will not let me hit the ok button. Can you help?

  • I just purchased Vegas Pro 15 (not EDIT version) Promo Pak. It was supposed to have
    Filters 5 Ultimate and Titler Pro, but the Manager won't let me authorize

    Please Advise!



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