There is a watermark on my "Starter Pack" effects. How can I activate them?

The Starter Pack plugins were installed and activated with legacy (discontinued) versions of Titler Pro.  We previously supported using the Starter Pack effects in your host NLE, but now they are only supported in Titler Pro.

If you used Starter Pack effects in previous projects, they will be watermarked after installing a current version of Titler Pro.  You can clear the watermark using this process:


  1. Download and extract the following .zip file:
  2. Copy StarterPackOpenGL.dll and replace the version at C:\Program Files (x86)\NewBlue\Titler Pro 2.0 for Windows
  3. Copy StarterPackOpenGL64.dll and replace the version at C:\Program Files\NewBlue\Titler Pro 2.0 for Windows


  1. Download and extract the following .zip file:
  2. Copy StarterPackMac.bundle and replace the version at Macintosh HD\Library\Application Support\NewBlue\Titler
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  • Thanks for your comment, Rij. I have updated the links so both are working now.

  • finally got to do this procedure.

    reloaded vegas 14, got a X and NBFX watermark!

    as for copying the files I only have a folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\NewBlue and the only folder there is COMMON, which has loads of dll's in and the application manager

    the other folder mentioned has a titler folder only

    i installed vegas and new blue to D: and in that location is the D:\Program Files (x86)\NewBlue\Titler Pro for windows.

    I have a video essentials for windows folder in that location too.

    nothing in D:\program files\


  • Andy, these instructions are not for Video Essentials; ONLY the Starter Pack effects that were included with Titler Pro 1. Please submit submit a support request and include your serial number for Video Essentials so we can help.

  • How do I unzip the file and what am i copying? Am I suppose to replace the titler bundle? thats in HD app support NewBlue titler? Could you give me a more step by step instructions I would like to get rid of the watermark. I'm running Avid MC and I downloaded the free NewBlue 2.0 that came with my MC Thanks

  • Everett, on windows you can right-click the folder and select "Extract all." On Mac, simply double-clicking the .zip folder will extract it. The instructions tell you specifically what files to copy. You do not need to replace the titler bundle, just paste the StarterPackMac.bundle in the folder specified.

    If you are getting a watermark on your titles, this article is not applicable to you. It ONLY applies to the starter pack effects that were installed with earlier versions of Titler Pro.

  • Understanding that this only applies to the starter pack effects that were with Titler Pro, how do I get rid of the watermark on the Titler Pro Itself, that was also with the bundle?

  • I will never buy your programme again! A big shit!

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