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  • @Caleb, the Vegas Pro 14 Complete may contain Titler 3.0.160926 which is broken I believe.
    Could you make sure this link goes to the one containing 161118 please?
    And, would it be possible to have version numbers displayed somewhere to avoid this from happening again please?

  • Hi Peter, try the above links again. They will download the 161118 versions now. We are making updates to our server to help insure our perpetual links will download the most recent version and the version number will be listed in the file download. However, this work is not complete for the Vegas-bundled products yet.

  • Hi @Caleb,
    Thanks for your quick reply & fixing this.
    Q: With the upcoming Vegas VP15 release, are you going to bundle a current Titler Express Version, or are you going to continue with the 2-versions-behind approach?
    As a VP14 user, do I still have the choice/option to 'unlock' a cheaper TitlerPro3, or am I forced to upgrade to the current TitlerPro5 only, which is a little out of my price range?

  • Hi Caleb,

    I'm trying to update to the latest Vegas Pro 14 Suite Complete, but the download above does not work. When I try to run it, I can an "Installer integrity check has failed" error. The downloaded file size is 154,045,731 bytes.


  • Hi Caleb; I am experiencing same issue. Titler pro express freezes vegas 14.
    How do I correct this issue ?
    Should I install version 161118 ? Will it require new activation ?

  • Yes, please install the 161118 version. It will not require a new license.

  • Hi Caleb, I'm a Vegas Video Platinum 14 user. I upgraded last month. But the plug in just fails and asks me to use a trial or purchase it instead. The last version I've tried to install is 3.0.170128 but no luck. It still offers just a trial or buy option. I think I am running the trial as I can see it in my Vegas software.

    I am running latest version of Windows 10 with build #148 of Vegas Platinum.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • Hi John, what happens when you try to enter the serial number Magix provided for the plugin bundle?

  • Hello, Caleb. As mentioned by SteveG above, the link for "Vegas Pro 14 Complete" seems to download a corrupted installer (I receive the same error messages; I tried downloading twice). AVsupport was kind enough to provide a link, but it's to the "Suite" version of the product, not the standard "Pro" version. Could you please check the "Vegas Pro 14 Complete" link and if the download is corrupted, replace it? Thank you!

  • Hi @Caleb,
    I own a Vegas Pro 14 which came with a Titler3 Pro 'Express' in the bundle.
    If I use Your upgrade offer to Titler 5, can I expect this to be a full working version that will also work with other hosts (ie. Edius 8 upcoming 9, Resolve) ?

  • I'm gonna break something. I bought the hard copy of Vegas Movie Studio Suite 14 at Best Buy, put in disk, nothing, opened the cd/dvd in my computer section only to find a bunch of files not named what I bought, but on close ( said FX Blue or some shit) so I chose that one, it finally loaded after quite a wait, I entered activation code, it then said current, but I can't find it anywhere on my computer, can't get it to run and keep finding a bunch of crap called titler on your site. I'm seriously pissed off because it took me 2 days to get a refund for the digital download that didn't work either, My computer has more than the requirements for installation. WTF

  • What NewBlue Transitions effects come with Vegas Movie Studio 14 Suite? I have put in my activation code but all of the newBlue transactions are not working. I think issues started when I donwloaded the latest Vegas update. Now I see 2 packages in the NewBlue app manager one for Vegas Movie Studio 14 Suite and one for Vegas Movie Studio 14 Platinum. I tried using my same serial number for the second package and it will not accept it.

  • Is it compatible with 13 or 14 percent in Vegas?

  • Hi @Caleb I just bought the Vegas Movie Studio Suite at a store and put the serial number in. I'm not sure what to do now. Could you help me?

  • I have sony Movie suite 13 and cannot use my NEWBLUE FX anymore. what happened? There is always written should buy 14. That cannot accepted? Why should I buy 14? The Problems started, till I used the 14 demo version.

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