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  • I have Media Composer 8.9, which should have included NewBlue 2.5, and does...but it stamps every title with an FX or a thin cross-hatching as if mine were only a trial program and my 30-days were over. I tried today to download a Windows version from this site, but got a big red 404 error message. I'll follow up with Avid tech support, but just in case they ask: do you or don't you offer a free download of your legacy NewBlue Titler 2.5?

  • Authorization doesn't work for me either, it's driving me absolutely mad!! :-(

  • Still no fix?!? How about giving me ANY version of NewBlue Titler Pro as a gesture of good customer relations. I teach videography. I'm an ambassador for the programs I use.

  • Mary Beth, you may have the wrong version installed for your Avid license type. I sent you a link for a new update we will be releasing to MC users shortly. It includes a expanded feature-set and applies to all MC users regardless of your Avid license type.

  • What about the rest of us who are stuck with the watermark?

  • I'm on Media Composer 7.05 and it's suppose to install Titler Pro 1 but it does not. I have a registered NewBlueFX account and when I try to download it I get nothing? Any help would be appreciated to get this Titler Pro 1 again as it was way better than Marquee.

  • Hi Eric, I created a support ticket so one of our representatives can reach out to you. I would encourage anyone who is getting watermarks to uninstall Titler Pro from your system, re-install (being sure to use the latest build in the link above). Do note: Avid does not always provide the most recent version we have available. Then sign out and back into the NewBlue Application Manager. If that doesn't clear the watermark, then I would encourage you to open a support ticket so we can assist you.

  • Hi Caleb, having problems with Titler Pro here using floating licenses on Avid 8.9 (on the Apple platform). Is there an optimal way to get this working? From what I've tried so far it's a huge pain which combined with the fact that our network is not online (so registering each of our 40 clients individually is not really an option) it seems more trouble than it's worth.

    From our licensing entitlement on the Avid website it looks like we're only allowed version 1, however, there is no separate installer for this. The installer downloaded via the Avid App Manager installs 2, 2.5 and 4. The only other installer I've found ends up installing 2, 2.5 and 5. We are not licensed for 4 or 5 so those has to be uninstalled straightaway. The NewBlueFX App Manager says that Titler Pro 2.5 is licensed through Avid, but no matching Avid license is found so that has to go as well. And 2 is flaky. The standalone app works, but within Avid we get "ERROR: Unable to add a New Blue title effect, please verify that the New Blue Titler Pro application has installed successfully."

    Our workflow is to set up one master workstation which is then imaged and deployed via network deployment software. This works fine for all of our other software and requires no more intervention to get things running - no manual re-licensing required. This isn't the case with Titler Pro.

    Edit: This occurs even on the set up master, which has been connected online to try online activation.

  • Thanks for opening a support ticket with these questions. We have responded to your support request.

  • I cannot get NewBlue Titler to show up in my Effects Palette. I have created a work around by using the standalone version and exporting a .mov file, but I cannot edit this .mov file in my MC timeline to make it the right lenth (in time)...any suggestions? What did they do to fix your prob?

    John Alden Boyd

    I have 17 gigs of RAM on my Del Precision T3500 with Intel Xeon CPU W3550 @3.07 GHz Running on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit operating system with about 1.5 Terabyte’s of storage space.

  • John Allen Boyd,
    If your question was directed to me, I downloaded the new version of NewBlue Titler that Caleb made available via a link, but the link in my App Manager (although this only showed up a week or more later) also worked. The old version numbering seems to have been dropped. The version that works with MC 8.9.2 is a mix of versions—including 4 and 5–and is very nice. Look in the Plug-ins folder in your Avid App Manager. If it’s not there, maybe Caleb at NewBlue will send you a link. Good luck. MBR

  • I am using NewBlue Pro5 with Avid Media Composer 8.9 on a Mac. I have promoted avid titles to NewBlue and now would like to edit them. I can edit individual titles when I launch the NewBlue Titler but I can not access the Quick menu, Title List or Template List for more streamlined work. There is no "settings" in the top menu. F3, F4, and F5 work to call up Attributes, Library and Timeline, but F6 does not work to call up the title list. How can I get the Quick Edit menu with the Title List?

  • I am having the same issue as Helen. No access to the Quick menu in NewBlue Titler Pro 2.5 running Avid MC 8.9.3 subscription on a MacPro running Sierra (not high sierra).

  • Having serious issues with Field Oder. How to add or change a Field Order as the playback on Media Composer is very choppy and juddery

  • Is there a comparison chart showing the differences between whatever version of Titler Pro is currently available as part of the Media Composer licenses and the stand alone for purchase Titler Pro plugins (ie Titler Pro 6)? Just trying to decide if it's worth the price to pay for the stand alone plugin or if the tools available in the Avid download will be be fine for our needs.

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