How to use Selective Hue


Selective hue allows you to select a color and shift its hue to create a completely different color in its place. This is helpful for creating a more coherent film look or fix the color of objects that do not fit your film's aesthetic.


  • Source Color selects the color that will be affected by the hue shift.
  • Range adjusts the color range that will be affected by hue and saturation values.
  • Saturation increases or decreases the intensity of the selected color.
  • Brightness increases the brightness of the selected color.
  • Soften feathers the effect of the hue shift for a less harsh looking color shift.
  • Strength adjusts the density of the color correction.
  • Invert swaps the area affected by the Selective Hue correction into the inverse.
  • Show Mask shows the mask in the color range that will be affected by color correction.
  • Mask Cleanup compresses and smooths out the color mask for tighter correction accuracy.
  • Mask Size increases or decreases the size of the affected area.


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