How to use Bleach Bypass

Bleach Bypass recreates the classic bleach bypass look, with a high contrast, harsh, faded look. In film, this is done by adjusting the bleach bath during color processing, leaving a black and white image superimposed over a color image. With NewBlue, no chemicals or crazy hand processing tricks are required to create a unique look.

Place this effect on the clip, adjust the Light Curve until the proper brightness and contrast is achieved, and the increase Desaturate to dim the bright colors.

  • Desaturate shifts the image from full color on the left, to approaching black and white on the right. The higher the value, the more color is removed from the image. Even at 100, some color will remain in the image.
  • Light Curve lets you adjust the overall brightness of an image boosting the contrast to create the harsh bleach bypass look.
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