How to use Light Leak

Light leak allows you to create natural light leaks directly in your NLE. Control the size, color, intensity and angle without having to deal with stock light leaks and manual colorization.


Light Leaks is split into two control sections: Light look, which allows you to set the aesthetics of your light leak and Light motion which allows you to adjust how the leaks behave.

Light Look:

  • Variation selects the type of light leak pattern.
  • Rotation turns the light leak pattern 360 degrees.
  • Scale resizes the light leak pattern.
  • Intensity controls the strength/harshness of the light leak.
  • Saturation adjusts the color strength of the light leak.
  • Hue controls the color hue. Use this control to change the color of the light leak.
  • Blend Mode offers different ways that the light leak can interact with the footage below it for a wider array of looks.
  • Mix controls the overall mix of the light leak effects and the source footage.

Light Motion:

  • Speed sets how fast the light leak will move.
  • Density adjusts the amount of light leaks on the screen at once.
  • Quiet Period increases or decreases the period of time where there are no light leaks on screen.
  • Ease Out When checked, it gradually decreases and stops leaks before the clip ends.
  • Ease In When checked, it gradually introduces leaks into the clip.
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