Basic Playlist Workflow

Learning how to create a simple playlist only takes a few steps in Titler Live.

Step 1:

Open Titler Live Standalone or launch the Titler Live interface through Wirecast.

To learn how to open the Titler Live Interface in Wirecast, see Wirecast Setup


Step 2:

Browse your Project template library and click/drag any templates that you wish to use into the Playlist area. Adding more than one template will start a list in the order that you add titles in. This will also start the rendering process indicated by the green circle. Let each title cache before pushing it live for smooth playback.


Step 3:

Change the variable text fields of each title to get them ready to play. Note that every time you change a variable, the title will start rendering again.


Step 4:

Change the order of your titles on the playlist by clicking and dragging them up or down on the playlist. You can also do this by right-clicking on a title and selecting Move Up or move Down.


Step 5:

Once you hit the White Action button, you can change which title comes next by clicking on the title switch. The Yellow light means that title will be next regardless of order in the playlist.


Step 6:

You can add and manage multiple playlists by clicking on the + button next to "Layer."  In Wirecast, you must add another Titler Live source in the Source settings in order to create more playlists.

Learn how to add multiple sources in Wirecast in Wirecast Setup


This is how a complete playlist looks like in the Titler Live Interface. Now you're ready to start broadcasting.


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