Changing Variables

Titler Live lets you quickly change preset parameters in your templates. Most templates have a Name and subtitle fields, but many include variables for color, gradients and images.


Available variables will be shown in Titler Live. To change a variable, simply replace the pre-written text with your desired message or name. Press Tab or Enter to update the title in your preview window.  Once edited, your changes will be made and your title will start rendering in the playlist.


You can also change the name of your title for easy identification in the playlist. Highlight the title's name and type in your own. Changes will also be reflected in your playlist.



Preview In/Preview Out

These buttons let you preview your title's animation inside the preview window. Pressing each button will preview the corresponding animation. This is handy for checking that a title behaves the way you want it to before pushing it live.


Fit Modes

For variables with images, a Fit Mode drop-down menu will be available with a few options: Set To Fill, Set to Fit and Set to Conform.


Set to Fill: The selected image will fill all of the available space on an image variable without losing its proportions.

Set to Fit: The selected image will fit inside the image variable without cropping and will retain its aspect ratio. This means that sometimes the image will not fill the entirety of the variable area.

Set to Conform: The selected image will conform to fit the entirety of the available variable area but will disregard any aspect ratio and adjust to fit the entire image to fill the available variable space.

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