Multi-Channel Management

NewBlue Live Broadcast includes these additional features:

  • NDI Video over IP
    • Up to 16 simultaneous channels
    • Mac and Windows
    • Send to all NDI switchers
  • NewTek Tricaster
    • Comprehensive Macro support
    • 2 AirSend channels
    • 16 NDI channels
  • Telestream Wirecast
    • Remote send from second computer via NDI
    • Up to 6 channels / sources
    • Synchronized with remote Wirecast switcher
  • Unlimited simultaneous live titles per channel

Supported Devices

Titler Live Broadcast supports a wide range of devices:

  • All NDI compatible switchers, including NewTek Tricaster
  • All HDMI compatible switchers with upsream keying, including Black Magic, Roland, and Datavideo, 
  • NewTek Tricaster (via AirSend)
  • Telestream Wirecast (directly and via NDI)

Go to Settings and select your device to get started.


NewTek Tricaster
Choose "NewTek Tricaster (AirSend)" to connect with a Tricaster via the classic AirSend API. 

Network Device Interface (NDI)
Choose "NDI Remote Send" to connect with any NDI supported device, including:
NewTek Tricasters (with NDI upgrade)
Wirecast running on a second machine, via the NewBlue "Titler Live Receiver" source plugin.
More to come...

Choose "HDMI" to send the graphics out your computer's HDMI connector. 


Channels correspond to independent streams being sent to your video switcher. Each tab, or playlist, corresponds to a specific channel.
When working with NewTek Tricaster (AirSend), each tab can send to one of two AirSend channels to your Tricaster.
When working with NDI Remote send, each tab is a separate NDI channel.
When working with HDMI, all tabs play out the same one HDMI device.

Adding Tabs

You may add more tabs to make multiple playlists by clicking on the + button. 


You may also rename your tabs by highlighting them and changing their name.


Live Monitor Window

You can bring up the live monitor panel by going to View> Live Monitor Window.


The Live monitor window can also be brought up by clicking on the Live Monitor Window button.

You may monitor two channels when sending a signal via IP to NewTek Tricaster. You can right-click on the playlist and select which channel to send the signal to.


Channels will be labeled on the Live Monitor Window.


You can send up to six streams when sending via NDI and monitor all six streams simultaneously in the Live Monitor Window.


You can rename your playlists for easy management.


The name will be updated in the Live Monitor Window.



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