Input Configurator

The Input Configurator is a powerful tool that allows you to drive data from various inputs into a single template.

This feature is helpful when driving data from a database and running clocks in a single template. 

To access this feature, load a template and select Configure Multiple Inputs from the Input drop down list.


This will enable additional menus in the Attributes Panel where you can choose to individually assign Inputs to each individual available variable in your design.


This is an example of a completely set up template. You can see that most data is driven by the native scoreboard tool, except the last two variables that are being driven by StatCrew.


You can configure these to drive any type of data you want, making it a versatile tool for sports, news and other broadcasters looking to drive a diverse amount of data through to a single graphic.

The new template will update automatically as it would with any other input behavior as data comes in from the different sources.


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