Titler Live can pair with a SporzCast ScoreBot unit to display and update information in real time.

To access the SportzCast Input go to Inputs> Sports> SportzCast.


This will open the Stat Crew setup window.


Enter an input name and enter a server or IP address to connect to your ScoreBot. Make sure to enter your license number as well, then click on Add Input. 


This will add it to the list of Inputs you can assign to a Title. Add more SportzCast Inputs if you would like in this window. Make sure you click the connect button to start accessing data from the SportzCast server.

Your input will now be accessible from the Inputs drop-down in the attributes panel.


 Data will now be automatically updated in real time after you assign the input to a template.

Once you have assigned an input to a template, you can open the Title Designer to adapt your template to drive SportzCast data.

Click on a variable you want to drive SportzCast data to and go to the Global Tab.


Select the SportzCast behavior and select the data you want to drive from the drop-down menu. This data will automatically be driven into the template from the ScoreBot.


Save your template or exit the designer and keep changes to see data being driven into your new scoreboard design.




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