Select NDI from the Outputs Menu in the Titler Live interface.


Note: On Windows systems you can also select AirSend, the classic two channel TriCaster option.

With NDI selected, each Playlist tab becomes a unique NDI channel.

To create a new NDI channel, just add a tab by clicking on the + to the right of the tabs.


Click directly in the tab name to change it. This becomes the NDI channel name.

In this example project, we have three NDI channels - "Bugs", "Lower 3rds" and "Scoreboard."

For the easiest way to quickly play titles, use the play button. You can play multiple titles at once.


Note: The dot will be replaced with a play button in an upcoming release.

The title plays on its matching NDI channel to the TriCaster.


Click again on the play button to play the title out.

You can monitor all of your NDI channels going out via NDI using the Live Monitor.


In this example, we have 3 NDI channels.

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