How to use Warp

Warp Distorts the image in a seemingly random way.

Use the controls to dial up the warp behavior.

  • Amplitude set the amount of the warping distortion. Drag to the right for increased effect. Drag to the left for a decreased effect.
  • Angle set the direction of the warping. Although the warping occurs in all directions, you can rotate its angle to fine tune for a particular scene or image.
  • Smooth reduce harsh artifacts in the warping. For a harsh warp, drag to the left. For a smooth, almost liquid, image, turn to the right.
  • Distortion Control set the algorithm used to create the warping. Typically, any will do. But, in some cases, it may prove useful to pick a particular one. The first three choices, RGB 1 through RGB 3 use the Red, Green and Blue color information in the image to manipulate it. The second three choices,HSV 1through HSV 3, use the Hue, Saturation, and Intensity levels of the image to warp it.
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