How To Use Color Melt

*(This Plug-in was introduced with Stylizers 5)*

What it does: Expands and softens the colors for a wild air-brushed lava lamp look.








How to use it: Use the controls to specify the ways the colors fuse together.


• Soften set the blurriness of the image colors as they fuse together. Drag to the left to keep details. Drag to the right to encourage the colors to congeal.

• Fog encourage fog-like shades of gray to intrude over the details of the pictures. Drag to the right to increase the effect.  Drag to the left to decrease the fog.

• Brightness set the overall brightness of the picture. Drag to the right to lighten the image. Drag to the left for a darker image.

• Color set the vibrancy of the colors. Drag to the right for heavily saturated colors. Drag to the left for dull colors.

• Blend mixes the changed image with the original image. When turned all the way to the left, only the original image can be seen.  Drag to the right to view more of the color melted picture.



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