How To Use Ripple

*(This Plug-in was introduced with Stylizers 5)*

What it does: Simulates the concentric circles of water rippling in a pond.

How to use it: Use the controls to dial up the ripple behavior.



  • Set the origin of the ripples with the Center control.
  • Amplitude set the displacement caused by the ripple. Drag to the right for increased effect. Drag to the left to decrease the effect.
  • Frequency set the width of the ripple. For a busy ripple, drag to the right. For a large, slow ripple, turn to the left.
  • Speed control the rate at which the ripples move across the picture. At the center position, they don't move. Drag to the right to increasingly spread outward at higher speeds, or turn to the left to cause the ripples to move in towards the center.
  • Fade set how fast the ripples fade away. With Fade set all the way to the left, the ripples don't fade and stay strong throughout the picture.  When set all the way to the right, ripples fade away increasingly faster.
  • Shading control how much dark and light shading to add to the ripples to give them definition. Drag all the way to the left to disable shading.  Drag to the right to increase shading.
  • Warp add distortion to the image so the water ripples appear more organic.
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