CSV Reader

Titler Live can read data from CSV Files and drive it into graphics. To do this, first create a CSV file with different columns.

Each Column in the top row will become a variable for the CSV Input once imported into Titler Live.


In this example, we have fields for Name, Last Name and Description. Head to Titler Live's Input Menu> General> CSV.


This will open the CSV Panel where you can browse your computer for your created CSV file.


Name Your Input, browse for your CSV file and select Add Input.


Data from your CSV File will populate the CSV Reader Panel. You can add multiple CSV files from this window as well. The CSS Reader Input you have created will now appear in your Inputs.


Select the input to drive the CSV data into your Template. You can edit a template's design to set variables defines in the Original CSV File.

Select the object you want data to be driven into and select CSV Reader. Assign the appropriate variables from the drop-down menu.


These variables are the ones you defines in the Original CSV file.


Exit the Title Designer and keep changes.


Your template will now drive data from your CSV File.


You can cycle through your list in the CSV Reader Panel to automatically update your title.

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