Text File Reader

The Text File Reader is a powerful tool that lets you drive data to your titles from virtually any source that can write and update a text file.

To launch the Text File Reader setup tool, go to Inputs> General> Text File Reader


You can also launch the Text File Reader by clicking on the Text File Icon on the Overlay graphic in the scene.


This will launch the setup window.


You can use text files to drive Overlays with multiple data fields, Subscriber Alerts, Donation Alerts, Song Names, Hosting Alerts and even custom data.

Each input has special variables that can be present in the graphic in order for the data to go through.

For example, our Hero Overlay has the following eligible variables:

RecentTip, MonthTopTip and Subscriber are the relevant required variables. This can be seen in the setup tool here:


Click on the blue links to browse your computer and select a .txt file that is constantly being updated. The information from that text file will be displayed in the overlay. 

Head over to the Attributes Panel and select Text File Reader: Overlay to apply the linked .txt files.

The RecentTip, MonthTopTip and Subscriber variables will disappear and update whenever the text files are updated.


You can also create more behaviors to drive your alerts via text files.


Name the behavior and click Add Input. It will now show up as an input.


Your custom behavior will now show up in your Input drop-down list.


The Variable is the variable field in the graphic where the Text File will update the information.

When the text file is updated, the graphic will automatically play with the updated information.


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