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Titler Live can retrieve data from RSS feeds and interpret incoming data into graphics. This is helpful for creating news tickers and updates.

To access the RSS Reader, go to Inputs> General> RSS Reader


This will open the RSS Reader setup panel window.


Enter an input name and RSS Feed URL, then click on Add Input.


You can add more than one RSS Feed to have Inputs from various sources.


This will add the RSS feed to the Input drop-down.


Once you have assigned an input to a template, you can open the Title Designer to adapt your template to drive RSS information.

Click on a variable you want to drive RSS data to and go to the Global Tab.


Select the RSS Reader behavior and select the data you want to drive from the drop-down menu. This data will automatically be driven into the template as the RSS feed updates.


Save your template or exit the designer and keep changes to see data being driven into your new design.


Data will now be automatically updated in real time.


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  • Once I assigned an input to a template, open the "Edit Title Designer" to adapt your template to drive RSS information. After I click on the Object --> Global, the "Variable Settings" portion isn't there so that I may finish the great picture instructions you guys provided in support.

  • Disregard. I had to click on something in/on the timeline for that box to show up.

  • I've follow the instructions all the way to the bottom and I still cannot see the RSS Feed scroll across the bottom of the screen in Wirecast...although I do see where the RSS Reader is updating every 8 seconds on the Titler Live screen. Please advise.

  • Now I have a BRAND NEW COMPUTER with more than recommended specs. After followed all the instructions, and still have yet to receive any feedback on this particular issue......
    The RSS feed is FINALLY appearing Live. The only problem is, it's getting stuck on one particular headline instead of cycling through all of the headlines it's finding. I see in the RSS Feed tab that it's continuing to download "70 items" but it only finds and schedules the same headline over and over. I've tried multiple RSS Feeds and it continuously does the same exact thing.

  • friends, I can not do rss feed, even with this tutorial I could not do the craw with several machetes, it is the only function of NewBlue Titler Live 3 Broadcast that I could not execute. I would like to count on your help! Remembering that in the Express version it had an Rss template that made it easy to execute. I await contact! Hug.

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