Connect a custom clock to a design

Most Titler Live products enable you to include custom clocks in your designs, which you can control from within Titler Live or an Internet browser. Complete the steps in this article to connect your design to a custom clock.

Note: This feature is not available in Titler Live Express.

  1. In Titler Live's playout interface, open a project (if a project isn't already open) and select a graphic in the playlist.

    Tip: Want to create a new graphic? Open the Library panel and drag a design from the library to the playlist. If you create a new graphic with a clock-specific design from the library’s Inputs section, your graphic is already connect to a clock input, so go to step 3. If you create a new graphic from the library’s Designs section, complete step 2 to add the clock input to your graphic.

  2. Choose Inputs > General > Clocks > Custom Clock to add the Clocks input to the graphic.

    The Clock input you added appears in the Input drop-down list in the Attributes panel and in the playlist for that graphic. In addition, the Clock input and any custom clocks you may have previously created appear in the Edit / Preview panel.


    • You can also add inputs to a graphic from the Input drop-down list in the Attributes panel or playlist.
    • To remove an input from a graphic, right-click (Windows) or Control + click (Mac) on the name of an input in the Edit / Preview panel and choose Remove input.
  3. Enter a name for the first custom clock in the Clocks panel.


  4. Click Settings and complete the following steps in the Settings dialog.
    1. Enter a Default Time.
    2. Select a Format.
    3. Select the Direction in which the clock will run.
    4. Click Save.
  5. Click the Reset button to update the clock based on the settings you entered in the previous step.
  6. To create additional clocks, click Add New and repeat steps 3-5.
  7. Click the Show Inputs button in the Edit / Preview panel to view the Clocks input and variables. (If the input's variables aren't visible, expand the Clocks list.)
  8. Click and drag a Clocks variable onto an object in your graphic. Repeat this step for each variable you want to include in your graphic.

    Tip: To disconnect a variable from an object in your graphic, right-click a variable in the Edit / Preview panel and choose Disconnect variable.


Your clock is now set up and ready to operate. You can control the clock with the buttons in the Clocks panel, or click the Open in Browser button if you want to control the clock from an Internet browser.

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