Crawls and Looping

The Title Designer has new Crawl and looping features you can access in the Global tabs on a per-paragraph basis. this means that you can apply these settings to individual paragraphs in your titles.

To Access Crawl and looping options, click on a paragraph in the timeline and head over to the Global Tab.


Under the Special Playback Settings menu, you can select the Crawl checkbox. This will cause the paragraph to completely play its animation or keyframes and ignore the pause point created by the Elastic Timeline. This allows you to create news tickers and other text crawls that you can combine with Sequencing functions in the Playout UI.


Looping is another feature that gives you more flexibility in title creation by allowing you to loop video and animations to create dynamic backgrounds even when titles are at a pause point.


when the looping checkbox is selected, you can choose in and outpoints in in which the paragraphs animation will loop. you can enter specific values or click on the Use Cursor button to use the current playhead position as a looping start or end point.


Setting a Loop Delay will determine how long a title will wait before the paragraph's animation loops again.

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