Elastic Timeline

Elastic Timeline

Enabling Elastic Timeline enables you to change the duration of a title in the Playout Interface without compromising the integrity of your animations.

 This means that Titler Live will automatically conform the title to your desired length and keep all of the animations intact. 

This is accomplished by using fixed and elastic regions that are set in your Title Designer timeline.

You can enable Elastic Timeline by clicking on the Elastic Button.

Duration Controls

When Elastic Timeline is enabled, you will see two editable time fields appear. One is labeled Titler and the other one is labeled NLE.

Using time fields:

  • Titler: Shows how long the title is currently in the Titler timeline. If you make this longer or shorter, your title’s duration will increase or decrease inside Titler Pro.
  • NLE: This is the duration of the title in the NLE timeline. This can be changed to dynamically make your titles longer or shorter.

Flexible and Elastic Regions

Titles and templates can be assigned fixed and elastic regions. You can add and subtract fixed or elastic regions from your title.

Using Fixed Regions:

  • Fixed regions are the areas color coated in Orange.
  • These regions protect your animations and will make animations play at normal speed.
  • These regions will not be affected by changes in timing when you change a title’s duration.

 Fixed Regions work in conjunction with Elastic Regions. Elastic Regions are the most flexible regions that can expand and contract to adjust for title duration changes.

Using Elastic Regions:

  • Elastic regions are color coated in green.
  • These regions adapt to duration changes by freezing in place to make your title last longer when adjusting title duration.
  • These regions also play faster if the title’s duration is sped up.

Elastic regions should be used in static portions of your titles as these will contract and expand by freezing the frame and play for longer or shorter depending on the duration. This is the area that templates use in the Duration variable field.

In other words, Elastic Timeline is useful for reusing and adapting templates to desired lengths without resorting to artificial speed-up or slowdowns in your Playout Interface.

Your title can now animate in smoothly, stick around for as long and you need and play out without a hitch.

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