Use Titler Pro on a different computer

Each Titler Pro license allows one person to use Titler Pro on one computer at a time. This article describes how to deactivate a Titler Pro license on one computer and activate the license on another computer.

Deactivate your Titler Pro license on your current computer

When you deactivate a license, all NewBlueFX products will be deactivated on that computer. You can still use your NewBlueFX products on that computer, but all outputs you create on that computer will have a watermark until you reactivate your license on that computer.

  1. Open Titler Pro on the computer where your Titler Pro license is currently active.
  2. Choose Help > Manage Activation. The NewBlueFX Application Manager opens, which lists the products you own or have installed.
  3. In the NewBlueFX Application Manager, click the Settings app-mgr-settings-icon.png icon and choose Deactivate.
  4. To confirm you want to deactivate all NewBlueFX products on the current computer, click Deactivate.
  5. Close Titler Pro.

Install and activate Titler Pro on a different computer

  1. If you haven't already installed Titler Pro on the new computer, install it now.
  2. Open Titler Pro on the new computer.
  3. Choose Help > Manage Activation to open the NewBlueFX Application Manager.
  4. In the Welcome screen, enter the same email address and password that you used to log in to Titler Pro on the other computer and click Sign In. For more information, see Activate Titler Pro.

    Titler Pro and all NewBlueFX products installed on this computer are automatically activated after you sign in.

    If you have any issues signing in to your NewBlueFX account, please see our Activation FAQs.

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