The variables tab houses all of the editable variables in a template. These variables can be enabled or disabled when making templates by enabling the “Visible Variable” checkbox in each of the title's object properties.

The Variable tab will always have a duration control and template name. From here you can change the template name, duration and even template style.

You can also click a handle tp6-variable-handles.png on the right side of variables and drag variables to change the order in which they are listed.


Note: The template’s name can be edited by double-clicking on its name.

Editing Variables

Templates may have different editable variables. In this example, the editable fields are Name, Subtitle, Text Color, Background Color and Logo.


 Working with Variables:

  • Click on any editable variable and either type your own text or change the color.
  • See the template change in real time.
  • Head over to the library and continue to add or remove additional effects.
  • Finalize and save your edited template in the library.

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