Export After Effects compositions as Titler Pro projects

If you use Adobe After Effects CC, you can export compositions, with changeable variables, from After Effects CC to a Titler Pro project, which can be used to create Titler Pro templates. Follow the steps below to export image, video, and text layers as dynamically changeable variables.

Note: After Effects animations are not exported with layers that are tagged as variables, but you can apply animations or keyframing to the exported layers in Titler Pro to re-create the moves.

Give Us Feedback: We invite feedback as we continue to strengthen the scope and flexibility of this feature. Please send questions and project samples to support@newblueinc.com.

  1. Open a project in Adobe After Effects.
  2. Navigate to the composition you want to export, then choose Composition > Include in NewBlue Title Export.
  3. Trim the composition's work area to include only the segment you want to export.

    Caption: After Effects timeline with trimmed work area.

  4. In the Effects & Presets panel, expand the NewBlue Title Exporter section, then click and drag the Variable Tagger effect onto each layer that you want to export as a variable. The After Effects layers which can be turned into changeable variables are text, solids, images and videos. Currently shapes are not supported.

    Caption: After Effects Project panel showing a layer's details with the Variable Tagger effect.

  5. In the composition timeline, position the playhead where the layers tagged as variables are in their resting position. Because animations are not included in the export, the playhead's position determines the layer's static position.
  6. If you want to include multiple compositions in one export, repeat steps 2-5 for each composition.
  7. Choose File > Export > NewBlue Titles.
  8. In the Select Folder window, navigate to the location where you want to export the compositions.
  9. In Titler Pro, open the new Titler Pro project file (*.nbtitle). The variables you created are in the Scene > Variables panel.

Tip: If you want to re-create any animations that were in the original After Effects composition, you can use Titler Pro Animations from the Library or use the keyframing attribute on the Attributes > Object > Global tab.

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