Connect ProPresenter to Titler Live 5

Titler Live 5 has developed an integration with ProPresenter to be able to broadcast your ProPresenter Playlist as live graphics to a supported video switcher for live stream .  The capability includes the flexibility of being able to control the playout from within Titler Live 5 or from within ProPresenter on the same network.  A full broadcast can be done at the same time as ProPresenter is broadcasting to your congregation inhouse.  

Prepare your Graphics in Titler Live 5

  1. Open a new project in Titler Live 5.New_Project.PNG
  2. Navigate to the House of Worship folder in the Library.HoW_folder.PNG
  3. Drag and drop your desired graphics into the Layers Panel.DnD_in_Layers_panel.PNG

Note: If you have any graphic that will need to overlay another full screen graphic such as a lower third or bug, ensure that you place the overlaying graphic above the fullscreen graphic in the playlist. 

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Set ProPresenter Settings for Connection

You will need to connect ProPresenter to your local network that is being used by Titler Live 5.  In addition, ProPresenter Remote must be enabled with a password connection for Titler Live 5 to be authorized to connect.

  1. Please open your ProPresenter project.PP_project.PNG
  2. In the top navigation bar, Go to ProPresenter > Preferences > Network.Preferences_-_Network_partial_screen.PNG
  3. Checkmark the box by clicking Enable Network. You may need to enter your network name and Port/IP Address if not auto populated.  If prompted by Windows Defender or Mac Security, then choose allow Access.Enable_Network_and_Allow_Access.PNG
  4. Check mark 3 boxes by clicking next to ProPresenter Remote, Controller, and Enable Stage App.
  5. Type a password of your choice for both Controller and Enable Stage App.Remote_Apps.PNG

ProPresenter is now prepared for Titler Live 5 to connect as a Data Source.  You may now close the Preferences Panel by clicking the x in the upper right hand corner.

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Connect Graphic Layer to your ProPresenter Playlist

Now we will connect your ProPresenter Playlist to your Titler Live 5 project.  We recommend using the countdown graphic at the top of your layer list.  However, this is not required.

Note: Close your Graphics Library Panel if you would like more workspace for the Layers Properties Panel.  You can always open the panel back up at any time by going to View > Graphics Library.

  1. In Titler Live 5, go to the Data Controller Column of the Graphic layer you wish to connect to ProPresenter and Select a data source > Worship > ProPresenter > ProPresenter.Connect_the_Data_Controller_in_TL5.PNG
  2. The ProPresenter Controller tab should open in your Layer Properties Panel. Please enter the Name and Port under Network Settings. (An IP Address can be utilized if necessary.) Layers_Properties_Panel.PNG    
  3. Enter the passwords chosen in ProPresenter for Controller and Stage. Connect_to_ProPresenter.PNG
  4. Click the Button below to Connect to ProPresenter. (You may need to scroll down the panel to bring the button into view.) ProPesenter_tab_full_screen.PNG

This should fully connect ProPresenter as a data source and you should see the Controller property options to choose your Playlist and control your Clock Segment Countdown.  Please refer to the article Controlling your ProPresenter Playlist for slide configuration within Titler Live.

Note:  If you need Help, click the Gear icon within the ProPresenter Controller tab.  Then, scroll down and press the Help Button.  You can also view the password text entered here if needed for verification.

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