Configure your Pro Presenter Playlist

Now that you have enabled your ProPresenter Controller, you will now need to configure your slides using the Master Control.  If you still need to connect your ProPresenter Playlist, please refer to article Connect ProPresenter to Titler Live 5 here.

  1. Select the graphic within your Layers list that is connected to ProPresenter and Navigate to the ProPresenter tab in the Layer Properties panel.
  2. Select Playlist by clicking the dropdown menu and choose your active Playlist.Select_Playlist.PNG
  3. Your Presentations with slides should populate below the Clock Segment Countdown.  You can configure one slide or multiple using the shift and control keys to select and then Right-click > Enter Config Mode.Enter_Config_Mode.PNG
  4. You can also select multiple slides after you have entered Config Mode by using the control/shift command and selecting the slides of the same type that will be connected to the same graphic layout in Titler Live 5.
  5. Select your Slide Type from the dropdown menu for the type of information you want the graphic to portray.Slide_Type.PNG
  6. Select the linked graphic from the dropdown list of all the graphics currently listed in your Layers Panel.  (If you do not see the graphic you need listed, you will need to add it to your layers list from the Graphic Library.  Then you may need to reload the ProPresenter Controller tab by right-clicking > choose Reload.)
  7. Press Escape or Exit Config Mode to save the Configuration.View_in_Program_Monitor.PNG
  8. A checkmark will now appear in the upper right corner of the slide to indicate the slide has been configured.  You can click any of the configured slides to Play in the Program Monitor from the ProPresenter Controller tab or from your ProPresenter interface.

Note: Press the gear icon to view Network Settings and Passwords if needed or to access the Help button specific to the ProPresenter Controller.


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