Updating my Email Address

Your email is the main identifier for your NewBlue Account.  If you need to change your email address, you will have to register the new address first and then transfer your products under the new email address.  Below are details on how to complete this process.

Warning: Before you can transfer all of your products, you must register your new email with a password first.

Registering Your New Email

  1. Go to https://newbluefx.com/ click Log In. (Ensure that you are logged out of your account.) This should open a window giving you an tab option to Log in or a tab option to Register.Register.png
  2. Click the Register tab and enter your Name and new Email into the requested fields, then Register Now.  You will be notified that an email was sent to set up your password.
  3. Set up your password via the link and instructions sent to your new email.  Then you will have a new account registered with your new email ready for product transfer.

Transferring Your Products

  1. To transfer your products from the old account into the new one, log into the email account that all of your products are currently listed under.
  2. On your Account page, click Edit Account.My_Account.png
  3. Scroll down to the Combine User Accounts section at the bottom of the page and click Start.Combine_User_Accounts.png
  4. Enter the Email address you just set up the new account with and hit Next.Email.png
  5. Enter the Password to allow access to transfer your products and click Next.Password.png
  6. Finally, check mark the box to agree to the terms and conditions to transfer all your products.Screenshot_2023-05-02_at_5.36.30_PM.png

You will be notified immediately with a dialogue box that will convey if your merge was successful or if it failed.  If the merge is successful, your old account will be disabled, and you should see all of your products under your new account.  Please contact support if you have any issues with this.


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