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Our help center includes articles for all Captivate (Titler Live) products. The following articles describe how to use Captivate.  Please note that we are still updating some of the older articles for Captivate.  Most of the workflows for a lot of the features are still the same.  However, please bear with us as we update the images and content.  Thank you for your patience and we invite you to check out our New Feature articles for Captivate below.

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Review Captivate

New Features of Captivate


Overview of Captivate

Basic Graphic Creation & Import

Customizing Design Layers & Animation

Integrating After Effects into Captivate

Connect General Data to Graphics

Connect Productivity Data to Graphics

Connect Sports Data to Graphics

Connect Social Media Data to a Graphics

Connect Gaming Data to a Graphics

Connect Worship Data to a Graphics

Designate Video Outputs

Operating your Broadcast

Save & Export


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