I see you reorganized your products, but did you improve them?

Absolutely. We spent a great deal of time examining each plugin and set aside many for future improvement. Those that made the cut, underwent rigorous testing and in many cases, feature improvements, such as:


  • - New Attack/Release feature found on 18 plugins throughout the product line.
  • - New drop shadow effect on all included 3D transitions.
  • - New mirror and stretch fill modes on RGB Shift effect and transition.
  • - Smoother warping and better tint application in Traveling Rays effect.
  • - New mix control on AirBrush effect.
  • - Cleaner output, smoothing and alias suppression with Metallic transition.
  • - New smoothing and broader warping in Liquify transition.
  • - Anti-aliased outlines in Picture-in-Picture effect.
  • - Better contrasting result in Shiny Fog transition.
  • - Anti-aliasing and better line control in Sketch.
  • - Cleaner results in Color Wash transition.
  • - Industry aspect ratio black bar presets for 16:9 projects in Aspect Ratio effect.


In addition, we now offer the NewBlueFX App Manager, which helps you organize and update your plugins in one simple desktop application. Over the next few months, you'll discover more and more features in the App Manager, too.

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