Titler Pro lets you import image and video elements to use in your titles. You also have the ability to import EPS vectors and PSD files.

To import a video, go to File>Import Video...


Images and video will be imported as their own paragraphs. This means that you can apply any effect or transition just as you would any other paragraph.


Video: Manipulating Video

Importing EPS Vectors

Import EPS vectors to bring in unique shapes like abstract elements and intricate title background elements. This is useful for bringing shapes of company logos into Title Pro. To import a vector file, go to File> Import Vector...


Browse your computer and select an EPS file to import into Titler Pro.

The EPS file will be imported as a new paragraph. Each EPS object can be fully customized with effects and transitions.


Simple vectors work best in Titler Pro. Closed vectors work as individual letters when animated and can be manipulated with the Globe Handle.

Video: Importing EPS



Importing PSD Files

Titler Pro also comes with the ability to import PSD layers. To import a PSD file, go to File>Import PSD File...


Browse your computer and select a PSD file to import into Titler Pro.

The PSD file will be added as a new paragraph and can be manipulated and animated with the Globe Handle. Each layer acts as a letter within the paragraph which can be selected and scaled individually. 


Note: When importing a PSD file with multiple layers, the layer order controls how the paragraph will be animated. The layers will be animated from bottom to top. For example, applying a transition to a PSD file with 5 layers will animate the fifth layer first and proceed until the first layer is animated.

When importing a PSD file, the contents of the file will be extracted and saved as PNG files in the same folder where the original PSD file is on your computer.

Video: Import PSD


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