Open Ctrl+O
New Ctrl+N
Save Ctrl+S
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Copy Ctrl+C
Delete Del/Backspace
Close Titler Pro Interface Ctrl+Q


Workspace Preview
Additional Edit Options Right-Click
Move Paragraph in X and Y Alt+Arrow
Move Cursor One Letter Left/Right Arrow
Move Cursor One Word Ctrl+L/R Arrow
Move Cursor to Beginning of Text Line Home
Move Cursor to End of Text Line End
Disable Snapping Position to Guides or Grid Alt+Drag Position
Select Multiple Sequential Characters Shift+Arrow
Select Multiple Sequential Words Shift+Ctrl+Arrow
Pin the Opposite Edge/Corner When Dragging a Resize Alt+Drag Scale
Reverse Aspect Control When Dragging a Resize Shift+Drag Scale
Duplicate a Paragraph Ctrl+Drag Position
Pin the Opposite Edge/Corner and Reverse Aspect Control When Dragging a Resize Alt+Shift+Drag
Hide Handle Controls Ctrl + H
Show Ruler Ctrl + R
Show Title Safe Ctrl + T
Show Snapping Grid Ctrl + E
Center in Frame Ctrl + Shift + X
Center Vertically Ctrl + Shift + V
Center Horizontally Ctrl + Shift + C


Additional Edit Options Right-Click
Frame Forward Right Arrow
Frame Back Left Arrow
Play Backward (x1,2,3) J
Pause K
Play Forward L
Multi-Select Paragraphs Ctrl+Click
Trim a Paragraph in the Timeline with All Transitions and Keyframes Stretching. Alt+Drag
Group Paragraphs Ctrl +G
Ungroup Paragraphs Ctrl + Shift + G
Place playhead on first frame Home Button
Place playhead on last frame End Button


Video Trimmer
Trim Video Texture In and Out in the Video Trimmer UI I & O



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