Enhance scenes with Detail by Luma

Use the Detail by Luma effect to enhance areas of a scene based on highlights and shadows in the scene. For example, objects in scenes with bright or low light can appear faded or flat, but with Detail by Luma, you can target areas and objects in a scene by their luminance (that is, highlights and shadows) and adjust the contrast between and within those areas to emphasize objects and add more detail.

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Video of Detail by Luma in action

Steps to use Detail by Luma

  1. Apply the Detail by Luma effect to a scene in your video editor.
  2. In the Detail by Luma settings, expand the Highlight or Shadow section to view controls for the light and dark areas of your scene.
  3. Adjust the Strength value to change the intensity of the contrast between light and dark areas in the scene’s highlights or shadows. A greater value creates more contrast.


  4. Adjust the Halo value to change the width of contrast points in the scene's highlights or shadows. A greater value creates a broader halo at points of contrast.

    Tip: The Halo and Strength settings affect each other; try using a lesser setting in one and a greater setting in the other. 

  5. Adjust the Threshold value to include more or less of the scene's highlights or shadows in the effect. A greater value creates includes more of the scene’s highlight or shadow areas, but values greater than 50 can double the effect and produce extreme results.

    Tip: To see which areas of the scene are included in the effect, click the Show Mask drop-down list and select Highlight or Shadow.

  6. Adjust the Cleanup value to compensate for any video noise that might have been intensified in the shadow areas.
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