How to use Cartoonr Plus

Cartoonr Plus transitions between two scenes while transforming your video image into a cartoon-like illustration by drawing dark lines around the edges of shapes, then painting in between with smooth layers of colors.

Use the controls to set the line drawing behavior and determine how to paint the colors.

  • Density controls how many lines to draw. At the lowest, only the simplest, most obvious, lines show.
  • Clean Up removes dirt and noise between the lines.
  • Width sets the width of the lines. Turn this up to increase the overall width of the lines.
  • Mix determines how strongly to mix the black lines into the picture. Turn all the way up for solid, black lines.
  • Layers sets how many layers of paint to use to color the picture. Set a low value to have broad, distinct layers. Turn to a high value to blend the paints into a continuously changing palette.
  • Smooth controls the smoothness of the layer edges. Very low values set harsh, high resolution layer edges. High values set the layers to wander in and out of the picture lines.
  • Sharpen heightens the sharpness of the layer edges. Turn up for a strong, almost brittle, effect.
  • Shading adds bold shading around the edges of objects in the picture, making it more dramatic.
  • Color sets the color saturation. Turn all the way left for a black and white image. Turn up to gradually increase the color component until it is unchanged at the center point. Turn higher for vivid colors.
  • Brightness sets the over all brightness of the picture.
  • Contrast increases the contrast between dark and light in the picture.
  • Tempo sets the speed at which the effect changes the image. For a sudden change, set the Tempo high. For a gradual change, set it low.
  • Attack controls how fast the transition move from start to full effect.
  • Release controls how fast the transition moves from full effect to end.
  • Cross Fade sets the percentage of the transition that includes a cross fade of the from one clip to the next. Turn down Cross Fade for an abrupt switch between images. Turn it up for a gradual mix.
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