How to use Duochrome

Duochrome applies two colors to a clip to create a special two-color-only transition by assigning one color to the lighter shades in the picture and the other color to the darker shades. These two colors are called Ink Paper. Duochrome replaces shades between the two with a proportional blend of the two colors.

Use the controls to set the colors and transition mix.

  • The Paper color picker sets the color to use for the lighter shades of the picture. Use the color dropper to select a color directly from the video. Or, click on the color swatch above the dropper icon to create or edit the color directly.
  • Ink sets the color to use for the darker shades of the picture.
  • Tempo sets the speed at which the image changes color. For a sudden change, turn to the right. For a gradual color change, turn to the left.
  • Attack controls how fast the transition move from start to full effect.
  • Release controls how fast the transition moves from full effect to end.
  • Cross Fade sets the percentage of the transition that includes a cross fade of the from one clip to the next. Turn down Cross Fade for an abrupt switch between images. Turn it up for a gradual mix.

If the Ink color is lighter than the Paper, the effect inverts and darker shades become lighter and vice versa. For a good example of this, try the Evil Strobe preset.

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