How to use Metallic

Metallic gives the first clip a hammered-metal look and morphs it into the second clip.

Use the controls to set the metal color, its behavior and mix with the original picture.

  • Color sets the color of the metal. Either select a color from the video image by using the dropper or click on the swatch above the dropper icon to create a color in the color dialog.
  • Shine determines how shiny the metal should be. Turn to the right to maximize shininess. Turn to the left to minimize the shininess.
  • Highlights sets the frequency of metallic highlights. Turn to the right to make the metal come alive with more and more shiny spots until it looks like everything is constructed of crumpled aluminum foil. Turn to the left to give the metal fewer shiny spots.
  • Calibrate changes which parts of the image have metallic highlights. If the shine doesn't feel right, turn the control to find a spot where the light levels look right.
  • Metal sets how much metal is mixed into the picture. Use this in conjunction with Picture to create a nice blend between metal and original picture.
  • Picture sets how much of the original picture to blend in with the metal. Mixing the metal with the original colors creates a much more appealing result. Turn both controls to the right to increase the brightness.
  • Tempo sets the speed at which the metal effect develops. For an instant metal, turn to the right. For a gradual metal, turn to the left.
  • Attack controls how fast the transition move from start to full effect.
  • Release controls how fast the transition moves from full effect to end.
  • Cross Fade sets the percentage of the transition that includes a cross fade of the from one clip to the next. Turn down Cross Fade for an abrupt switch between images. Turn it up for a gradual mix.
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