How to use Shiny Fog

Shiny Fog blurs the first scene into a colored shiny fog that dissipates to reveal the second scene.

Use the controls to set the transition's behavior.

  • Fog sets the fog intensity. Turn to the left for little or no fog. Turn to the right to increase the brightness and blurred quality of the fog.
  • Fog Color sets the color of the fog.
  • Shine adds a metallic shine to the fog. Turn to the left to reduce the shine, and turn to the right to increase it.
  • Shine Color sets the color of the metallic shine.
  • Banding causes the shiny fog to have multiple light and dark ridges. Turn to the right for more of these bands. Turn to the left for fewer.
  • The light and dark bands can migrate across the image over the course of the transition. Use the Motion knob to control the speed of band motion.
  • Tempo sets the speed at which the effect changes the image. For a sudden change into foggy oblivion, turn to the right. For a gradual introduction of the shiny foggy image, turn to the left.
  • Cross Fade sets the percentage of the transition that includes a cross fade of the from one clip to the next. Turn down Cross Fade for an abrupt switch between images. Turn it up for a gradual mix.
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