How to use Shredder

Shredder acts like a paper shredder, slicing the first scene into thin strips and dragging them off the scene to reveal the second scene.

Use the controls to set the shredder behavior.

  • Resolution sets how fine to slice the page. Turn to the left for big fat strips or turn to the right for very fine strips.
  • Alignment sets how closely together the strips stay as they slide across. Turn to the right for very tight alignment. Turn to the left for increasingly random rates of travel.
  • Soften smooths the edge of the strips. Turn to the right to Soften for a gentle fade at the strip edge. Turn to the left for a stronger fade.
  • Direction sets the motion direction for the strips. The choices are Up, Down, Left, and Right.
  • Action sets the behavior. Leaving sets the first scene to slide away. Entering sets the second scene to slide in over the first. Bump causes the second scene strips to push away the first scene.
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