How to use Traveling Rays

Traveling Rays transitions between two clips, simulating a colored light source that casts moving beams of light through the video image.

First use the controls in the Light group to design the look of your rays. Then in the Motion group, set where the light rays will start and end. Next set the Mix group controls add warping or control the overlay mix. Finally adjust the pacing and crossfade of how your transition will move through your clips.

  • The Light group sets up the overall look of the light source.
    • Sensitivity sets the amount of area which light will be emitted from. As the sensitivity is increased, more and more of the image becomes part of the light ray source.
    • Color sets the color fringe of the light rays. Use the color dropper to select a color directly from the video  or click on the color swatch to edit the color directly.
    • Tint sets the amount of color introduced into the rays.
    • Length sets the length of the light rays emitting from their sources.
  • The Motion group controls the positions which the ray animate between.
    • Start sets the initial direction of the rays.
    • End sets the final direction of the rays.
  • The Mix group controls how the first and second clips transition between each other:
    • Liquify adds water-like ripples to the transition. Positive values make the image ripple outward towards the screen, and negative values make it shrink backward.
    • Smooth controls how sharp or feathered the light rays are rendered. This also works in conjunction with the Liquify control in that it smooths the warped image within the rays.
    • Overlay adjusts the brightness and intensity of the light rays.
  • Attack controls how fast the transition move from start to full effect.
  • Release controls how fast the transition moves from full effect to end.
  • Cross Fade sets the percentage of the transition that includes a cross fade of the from one clip to the next. Turn down Cross Fade for an abrupt switch between images. Turn it up for a gradual mix.
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