How to use Zoom

Zoom transitions between two scenes by zooming in and out between them. It juxtaposes multiple zoomed images to create a dynamic blurring for a truly dramatic effect.

Use the controls to manipulate the zoom behavior.

  • Zoom sets the strength of the Zoom. Drag right to increase the zoom level. This creates a blur that starts with the original image and streaks out to the magnified version.  Drag to the left to decrease.
  • Smoothing sets the number of zoomed images. Drag all the way to the right and the multiple zoomed images merge into one solid radial blur from the center point out. Drag to the left for a series of images.
  • Cross Fade sets the percentage of the transition that includes a cross fade of the image from first clip to second. Drag to the left for an abrupt switch between images. Drag to the right for an increasingly gradual mix.
  • Set the origin of the Start and End zoom positions with the two coordinate controls. Either drag the knobs or type in X and Y values.
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