Workspace Area

The Workspace area in Title Designer gives you on-screen controls to orient your text. Use helpful workspace handles to rotate and move your text in 2D and 3D space. This makes it easy to position and adjust your title to fit your scene. Click the Globe Handle to enable on-screen positioning controls. Click and drag your title within the sphere to move it. Drag your title toward the north pole of the sphere to move Y positioning, click and drag across the equator to move X positioning. Click and drag the Rotation Handle to change the rotation of your paragraph.


Note: Press Ctrl (or Command) + H to toggle the Paragraph box on/off. You may still move, scale and modify your paragraph when the Paragraph box is hidden.

Video: Workspace Handles


Selecting Paragraphs and Characters 

Select a Paragraph by clicking on it in the Timeline or by clicking on it in the Workspace area. A green bounding box will indicate when a paragraph is selected. This is helpful for when you want to change the position and scale of a whole paragraph, effectively acting as a “Select-all” for characters.


Select individual characters by clicking and dragging your mouse over the characters you wish to select. You may also hold the shift key and select characters using the arrow keys. This will highlight the character or characters in blue. This is useful for changing an individual character's parameters such as font, size, kerning and positioning.



Duplicating Paragraphs

To duplicate a paragraph, simply select your paragraph, hold the Command key on Mac or the Ctrl key on Windows. Click and drag your paragraph to duplicate it.

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