Elastic Timeline

Enabling Elastic Timeline allows you to change the duration of a title in your video editor timeline without compromising the integrity of video animations. Titler Pro will automatically adjust the title to fit your desired length while keeping the originally intended animation timing of your title.

This is accomplished by the usage of "Fixed" and "Elastic" regions that are set in your Titler Pro timeline. Fixed regions will preserve the timing of animations, while Elastic regions adjust to extend or contract the rest of your title to fit your desired length.

Enable Elastic Timeline by toggling the “Elastic” button on and off.

Duration Controls

When Elastic Timeline is enabled, you will see two editable time fields appear. On the left, you will see a time where your playhead is currently located and an adjustable title time. The Elastic Timeline will adjust the timing to fit your desired length in your video editing software.

Note: Not all NLEs allow clip duration to be editable in the Titler Pro Interface.

On the right is the time where the playhead is currently located and an editable field for the template length. This editable time controls the  length of the template within Titler Pro. 

Understanding Fixed Regions

Fixed regions are color coated in orange. These regions cover the areas of your title that you wish to keep consistent in time. This means that animation under a fixed region will play at normal speed. For example, if your animation lasts two seconds, fixed regions ensure that it lasts for two seconds no matter how much longer you decide to stretch your title.

Understanding Flexible Regions

Flexible regions are color coated in green and these are the regions that the Elastic Timelune uses to adjust yout tile's length. These regions will adjust by either lasting longer or shorter depending on your desired time. This is helpful for when the same title design is used in multiple instances, but each instance has to play for longer or a shorter time depending on your needs. Flexible regions should be over a time in your title where there are no transitions occuring for best results.

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