Choosing Preview and Final Quality Settings

Titler Live allows you to select preview and final render quality settings from the Settings menu. Select from Draft, Good, Better or Best. You also have the option to add motion blur to your final render.


Preview quality determines the render quality of your title while working in Titler Live. Higher settings may impact playback performance, as they are more resource intensive.

Final render quality determines the quality of the final render output, this is the quality at which your title will play once it is pushed live. Higher quality settings will take longer to render, but will be the highest quality possible. 


The green bar indicates the status of a title. When it is completely full, it will play at the full quality you have selected under Final Render Quality.

Using Motion Blur

Applying motion blur to your final render is helpful for making fast moving objects look more natural. Note that applying motion blur will make your final render time longer.


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