Creating templates is useful for maintaining a uniform look across your project. Changing a template gives you the option to apply the change to just one title or every title that references your template.

  • To create a new template, go to File>New Template from the Titler Live Interface.
  • This will open Title Designer where you can create a new design. Close the Title Designer when you're finished and name your new template when prompted.


Setting Up Elastic Regions

Elastic regions allow you to set areas that adjust when Elastic Timeline is enabled. Elastic regions adjust the speed of animations to match your desired title length. Add new regions to your Elastic Timeline by clicking the + button or right clicking on a region and selecting "Add Region." This will add a region of the opposite color at the point you have chosen. If you add a region within a "Fixed" region, it will add an "Elastic" region. If you add a region to an "Elastic" region, it ill add a "Fixed" region. Click and drag a region left or right to change the region's duration.


You also have the option to delete fixed or elastic regions from this menu. This way, you can create templates with preset Elastic Timeline settings that you can modify later.

Creating Text Variables

To create editable text variables for your templates which appear in Quick Edit, open a template or create a new design.

Select a paragraph and check the "Text Variable" box. Name the variable and then close Title Designer.  


When prompted, select "Apply to Template" and name your new template.


Your text variable will now be available for editing from the Quick Edit window.


Creating Color and Texture Variables

To create color and texture variables, open a template in Title Designer. Click on a paragraph and navigate to the Style tab. 


Change the color of a paragraph layer in the template.


Check the "Variable" box and go back to Quick Edit. When prompted, apply changes to the template and name your template. Color and Gradient will now show up as editable variables from within Quick Edit.


Saving Templates

You can save a title to use as a template or a standalone title.  Select "Add current title to template list" to save a title in the current list of templates. 


Name your title and save.


Your title will be available from the template drop-down list in Quick Edit.


You can also add templates to the library and create your own collections. Right click on the library and click on "New category."


Name your collection and click OK.


Your new collection will be available in the Project Library.


To add titles to your new collection, go to File>Save As... and save the title in your newly created folder.


The saved project should now show up in your custom collection folder.


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