Tint changes the coloring and light behavior of the video image. It provides control over the tinting, color saturation, brightness, and has the option of adding the lighting depth of film. So, you get the tools you need to quickly get your clips looking right, all in one place.

Choose a color to tint the image with and then dial up the tint to increase the influence of that color. Further adjust the image by setting the saturation, brightness and film gamma.

  • The Color control sets the desired color for tinting, either by choosing from a palette of colors or using the color dropper to pick a color from the video image.
  • Tint sets the influence of the color. Tint can be turned up above 0 to increase the color or turned down below 0 to subtract it out.
  • Saturation adjusts the color strength. At 0, the colors remain unchanged. Turn down Saturation to remove color; turn it up to enhance the colors.
  • Brightness simply adjusts image brightness.
  • Film Gamma recreates the brightness behavior of film. Film tends to have a linear region in the middle, but the highs (brights) and lows (darks) are compressed. The Film Gamma control recreates this by compressing the lights and darks while expanding the mid tones. So, brights are brighter and darks are darker!
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