Lens Correction

Lens Correction both corrects camera distortion to improve image quality and introduces distortion for an aesthetic effect.

Use the Distortion control to determine the amount of barrel or pincushion distortion to remove or introduce.

When removing distortion, carefully watch straight lines in the image to see when they become straight while turning the Distortion knob. Some times, the distortion is not centered in the picture, in which case the lines still appear slanted. Solve this with the Focal Center control by adjusting the center of the lens.

When introducing distortion, just play with the Distortion and Focal Center controls to get the look you want.

  • Distortion sets the amount of distortion correction. Move it to the left to turn up the pin cushion effect (which also removes barrel distortion). Move it to the right to turn up the barrel distortion  (which also removes pin cushion distortion.)
  • Focal Center control sets the center point of the lens. Typically, it is in the center. But, if the image was cropped it may not appear so.
  • The Zoom control makes the image larger or smaller.
  • Background determines what to with parts of the image that might be revealed as a result of the distortion operation. Choices are:
    • Transparent: Allows an underlying track to shine through.
    • Original Image: Places the original, undistorted image in the background.
    • Size to Fit: Enlarges the image so it completely fills the picture.
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