Color EQ

What it does: Color EQ adjusts the color characteristics of a selected color range in the scene.

How to use it: First sample a color from the clip and adjust the Range and Fade parameters to set the range of color to manipulate. Then, adjust the color Saturation, Brightness, and Contrast.

  • The Color control selects the color to adjust.
  • The Range control sets that range of of color within the vicinity of the Color choice.
  • Once the Range and Color are set, use the Fade control to determine the gradual fade out of the effect on neighboring colors. A small value results in an instant switch from processed to non-processed. A long value causes a gradual change, resulting in a gentler blend between the processed and unprocessed areas.
  • Soften blurs the boundaries between processed and unprocessed image.
  • Invert flips the processing so the chosen color is not processed, while distant colors are.
  • Saturation adjust the color saturation of the selected portion of the image. Turn it up for strong, vibrant colors. Turn it down to remove the color and switch to black and white.
  • Brightness adjusts the brightness of the selected portion of the image.
  • Contrast adjust the contrast of the selected portion of the image.
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