Color Swap

What it does: Color Swap replaces a selected color range in the scene with a different color.

How to use it: First sample a color from the clip and adjust the Range and Fade parameters to set the range of color to manipulate. Then, assign a color to replace it with.

  • The Color control selects the color to replace.
  • The Range control sets that range of of color within the vicinity of the Color choice.
  • Once the Range and Color are set, use the Fade control to determine the gradual fade out of the effect on neighboring colors. A small value results in an instant switch from processed to non-processed. A long value causes a gradual change, resulting in a gentler blend between the processed and unprocessed areas.
  • Soften blurs the boundaries between processed and unprocessed image.
  • Swap Color sets the replacement color.
  • Mix sets how much of the replacement color to mix in..
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